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Top-of-the-line extermination services for stored product pests

Stored product pests can infest and damage a wide variety of your business stock and stored food. Infestations can start from when the stock is produced, in shipment, or even when they are in an area of use. Statewide Pest Control appreciates how damaging stored product pests can be for food-related businesses. Our professional technicians can resolve your pest problems fast with fuss-free treatments to all goods that are contaminated.

What are stored product pests?

Well known for damaging raw materials used in food, stored product pests are a variety of insects that contaminate edible goods. They can affect things such as flour, rice, dried fruit, wheat, and oilseeds, making your produce unfit for consumption by humans.

An infestation is usually apparent when stored product pests are found crawling or flying about. It is important to identify the specific pest to make it easier to look for which areas and materials have being affected.

Stored product pests can end up costing companies thousands of dollars in contaminated goods. On top of this, they can destroy your reputation and stop you from trading due to breached compliance regulations.

Stored product pests include:

  • Indian meal moths
  • Grain beetles
  • Dermestidae
  • Trogodema beetles
  • Spider
  • Flour beetles
  • Granary
  • Rice weevils
  • Cigarette and drug store beetles

Don’t let stored product pests take a bite out of your business profit. Call Statewide Pest Control to carry out an onsite inspection and treat your costly infestations.

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