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Efficient spider control services in Victoria

There aren’t many people who like the company of spiders, regardless of whether they are dangerous or not. Unfortunately, Australia has some of the most venomous spiders in the world, and homeowners have a right to feel uneasy about their presence.

Statewide Pest Control provides effective spider control services to banish spider infestations at homes across Victoria and the Riverina region. We can treat all dangerous species professionally, saving you and your family from potential risk.

Dangers of spiders

Spiders come in various forms, all of which can be found in various living environments. It is essential to implement spider control when dangerous spiders have been detected, as there may be long-lasting consequences if they bite you, your family, or your pets. Whether you have an infestation of crawling, hunting, or webbing spiders, Statewide Pest Control can help.

Types of spiders

Crawling or hunting spiders aren’t as easy to spot because they can’t be found on their webs. Usually, they live in hollows or garden areas, so they can hide whilst waiting to attack their prey. Spider control isn’t always easy when it comes to these species as they can be found in many outdoor areas.

Webbing spiders differ greatly, as they rely on silk to move and spin webs. Not only do they live on their webs, this is also where they catch their prey. We can easily assess whether you have a webbing spider infestation by looking for webs around the home.

The spiders we consider non-dangerous are usually put back in to their natural habitat. Spiders play an important role in our eco-system, so Statewide Pest Control has a responsibility to do the right thing by all parties involved.

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