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Effective snake removal in Victoria

A lot of people don’t realise that snakes are generally quite shy animals. They don’t really want anything to do with people and are more interested in finding other pests to eat. However, some snakes can be extremely dangerous. If you see a snake in or around your business, please call the snake removal specialists at Statewide Pest Control right away. We know exactly how to take care of all types of snakes, making sure they are no longer a threat to you and your employees.

What to do when you see a snake

If you see a snake at your Victoria or Riverina region business premises, don’t panic. Chances are they have seen you and will retreat to nearby shelter. Snakes are generally harmless unless provoked, so it is wise to calmly retreat and phone Statewide Pest Control straight away.

Some snakes in Australia can be very dangerous, so you should never handle one unless you are a qualified snake removal specialist. Statewide Pest Control always recommend treating each snake as though it were venomous, so no harm can be done. It is paramount that you keep all people and animals away from snakes inside or outside of your building until help arrives.

Consider keeping our number in your phone or on hand, so you are ready in case of a close snake encounter. The quicker we get to your business premises, the better the chances of safe and effective snake removal.

Contact us today on 1800 136 200 to speak with Victoria and the Riverina region’s experts in snake removal!