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Victoria’s best snake control

Australia has a huge snake population, with around 121 species in total, many of which are venomous and must be taken care of by snake control experts. Statewide Pest Control has highly effective methods to rid your space of all types of snakes.

Victoria’s snake specialists

Unfortunately, Australia is home to 11 out of 14 of the world’s most dangerous snakes, and our population experiences around 3,000 snake bites every year. Brown Snakes, Tiger Snakes, Taipan Snakes, and Death Adders are the main culprits for killing humans.

Most snakes are actually as frightened as you, which is why some move away quickly and retreat. But even though they cause no property damage, they are a scary sight for many people. As snake control specialists, we remove all snakes from homes across Victoria and the Riverina region.

People tend to get bitten by snakes when they try to handle or kill them. If you see a snake, just walk away and call in Statewide Pest Control. We have the skills and tools required to ensure all snakes are removed quickly and safely.

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