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Affordable rat control services in Victoria

Rats are famous for spreading diseases and causing damage to humans and buildings. They don’t give in without a fight, so if they want to invade your business, they will. As soon as you see a rat roaming your office, warehouse, or shop, call in Statewide Pest Control. As rat control specialists, we’ll remove rats quickly with minimal disruption to your working environment.

Rodent tin cats

Victor’s Tin Cat is made in the USA and is the only repeating mouse and rat trap offered with a patented escape-proof mechanism. Although slightly higher in price than alternative traps, Statewide Pest Control guarantees these products are worth every penny.

These superior rat control traps don’t require any bait, poison, or resetting. The effective hinged lid offers easy release and clean up qualities. Ideal for damp environments due to their rust-free material, the multi-viewing clear top allows for fast inspection.

Used as a humane rat control trap, Victor Tin Cat allow mice to be caught and released unharmed. They can catch and hold up to 30 mice and rats at one time, until they are taken to an appropriate location for release.

Rodent bait solutions

Another effective rat control solution is a triangular shaped bait station that fits neatly along walls and corners, where rodents commonly travel. Their discreet low profile makes them ideal for indoor use under pallets and in other tight locations.

Bait stations are not only moulded from a weather-proof hard plastic; they are also tamper-proof, making them safe to use around people of all ages and animals.

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