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Termites are very common in Australia and can cause a number of problems for you, your property, and your wallet if left untreated. Here at Statewide Pest Control, we can carry out full, onsite termite inspections to determine which method of treatment is best to save your building structures from further problems.

Safe and effective solutions

Millions of homes and businesses become infested with termites every year. Termites target wooden structures such as building foundations, support beams, cabinets, shelving, window frames, and more. This could be because no pre-construction treatment was carried out.

Post-construction inspections

Firstly, one of our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your home or business premises. This is to determine the location of the termite infestation and to set up an effective termite management programme.

Pesticides are essential to control termite infestations, meaning liquid or bait termiticides must be applied. We can create chemical barriers, where required, at the external perimeter of the building structure, or alternative treatments where this method is not suitable.

Let Statewide Pest Control offer you peace of mind with our corrective treatments and termite management services.

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