Professional PesTrak systems in Victoria

The PesTrak system was specifically designed for Statewide Pest Control. As the leading handheld technology system in the pest control industry, you can rest assured your pests are being monitored to the highest level. The unique technology means that business owners across Victoria and the Riverina region get to actually monitor their infestations themselves.

What is the PesTrak system?

Our PesTrak system is a complete bait station monitoring tool that meets your food safety obligations. It comes with a barcode system, allowing the commercial customer to simply log onto our website and enter their unique username and password. For larger customers who may have more than one site, you can select a specific area. From there, you can view the results from the pest services that are being conducted onsite.

Each customer can view the following:

  • Summary of activity images
  • Contract list
  • Contract schedule
  • Activity report installation and inspection report
  • Site visit report
  • Graphs by year, month, or by station
  • Site maps

Customers will also be able to view a list of MSDSs and AQIS certificates for all chemicals that may be used onsite, as well as pest licences, insurance details, and our HCCP certification. Through this system, all Victoria and Riverina region customers can always have the latest information.

The hand-held PDA provides field staff with the ability to scan the unique barcode placed on all stations. They capture and add the findings of each station they have serviced to monitor the rodent and insect activity within the building.

Each customer can view the following:

  • Complete list of jobs for the day on the PDA
  • Record the start and finish time for each job
  • Record pre-purchase inspections
  • Record termite inspections
  • Record termite baiting system findings
  • Produce diagrams and maps
  • Attach photos to existing reports
  • Capture customers signature on reports
  • Completion of each job

All information captured onsite is then transferred to the desktop where it will be checked and edited, if required. A detailed invoice will then be sent to the client in the post.