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Quick, reliable pest maintenance in Victoria

All pests are annoying to homeowners, no matter how harmless they may seem. Whether your pet has bought home fleas or you are under attack from bed bugs, Statewide Pest Control can help.

We make pests our business

Statewide Pest Control provides customers throughout Victoria and the Riverina region with a complete pest maintenance package. Whether you have pests inside or outside your home, our team of trained pest control professionals will take full control of the situation.

Some of the pests we can eliminate include:

  • Fleas – Cat and dog fleas are the worst kind of flea to have, as they reproduce and spread fast. For every five fleas you see crawling on your pets, there are probably at least another 100 living in your carpet. If not treated correctly, you could end up spending money on treatments that don’t actually achieve anything.
  • Bed bugs – Well known for being a pest in the home, bed bugs can cause allergic reactions. In fact, anywhere that is classed as accommodation is at threat of being under attack. Bed bugs are very difficult to control and need to be taken care of by pest maintenance professionals.
  • Carpet beetles and moths - Both enjoy attacking soiled synthetics and animal origin fabrics. They live in very secluded areas of the home, so they can’t be easily disturbed by humans. The larvae itself is what causes damage to soft furnishings, carpets, and clothes. Careful treatment is needed to banish these pests from your home.

For more information and advice on which pests we can eliminate, get in touch with our friendly team. Our pest maintenance services help communities throughout Victoria and the Riverina region stay healthy, safe and pest-free.

Contact us today on 1800 136 200 to speak with Victoria and the Riverina region’s pest maintenance experts!