Victoria’s most thorough cockroach control

Cockroach infestations are common across Victoria and the Riverina region. For every cockroach you see in your home, there are probably another 10 out of sight, and they breed very quickly. At the first sign of cockroaches you should get us to come and have a look.

The risk of cockroaches

Not only do cockroaches multiply very quickly, but they carry common disease-causing bacteria, which can cause illness and even asthmatic reactions. Statewide Pest Control will keep your family safe with our comprehensive cockroach control services.

How to spot a cockroach infestation

There are a couple of indicators that you might have cockroaches living in your home. Cockroaches love to hang out in wet environments like kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, so keep an eye out for droppings and egg cases in and around appliances, drawers, and cabinets in these areas.

If you find any signs of living cockroaches in your home, give Statewide Pest Control a call straightaway. We can assess the infestation and provide the right cockroach control treatment.