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Eliminate pests with flying insect control services in Victoria

There are thousands of flying insects that are a potential health risk to humans worldwide. Not only can they spread diseases like salmonella, they can also infest your businesses across Victoria and the Riverina region.

The team at Statewide Pest Control knows how important it is to manage fly problems and stunt serious infestation. As experts in flying insect control, we’ll help you avoid costly treatments by taking the correct measures and appropriate fast action.

Halo glueboard insect control

Halo flying insect control units offer the most discreet aesthetic and commercial efficiency. As a versatile fly killer, they can be used across a wide range of applications. Available in 30, 45 or 60 watt models, these slimline units can be wall, desk, horizontally, or ceiling mounted. You can also get a 2 x 30 watt double-sided ceiling suspended unit.

All Halo products feature a light reflecting swing down front guard, simple glueboard replacement and common high efficiency. For increased efficiency, you can add UV reflecting aluminium removable debris trays. Designed for use with genuine GLUPAC TM pheromone impregnated glueboards, your stable dry glue will last longer and catch better.

Features include:

  • Patented variable side light output
  • Commercial efficiency and discreet aesthetics
  • Flexible features for a wide range of applications
  • Tool-free access with swing down front guards
  • Easy maintenance
  • High efficiency UV tubes
  • Longer lasting and more effective than alternatives
  • Independent certification to RoHS and European standards
  • Three year guarantee excluding tubes

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