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Fast and effective bird control solutions in Victoria

Statewide Pest Control specialises in providing bird control solutions for the community of Victoria and the Riverina region. We have helped home and business owners protect their properties in the most efficient manner. Birds have to be treated differently to other pests and rodents for both practical and ethical reasons. We have a range of bird deterrents and various types of effective treatments available.

StealthNet bird control solutions

Architectural netting keeps birds at bay

StealthNet's long lasting, low visibility system offers the most advanced and complete form of bird exclusion in the world.

StealthNet solves your problems

Bird Barrier's StealthNet is used to protect courtyard openings, wide ledges, overhangs, window reveals, canopies, loading docks, statues, column tops, archways, church steeples, parking garages, roof-tops, eaves, balconies, signs, trees, outdoor areas, and entire building facades from top to bottom. StealthNet is adaptable to most architectural configurations.

Colours to match your building

Available in black, translucent, and stone, when StealthNet is matched correctly with the background and tensioned symmetrically, it literally disappears.

Installation systems for any structure

Whether fastening to masonry, steel, or wood, Bird Barrier has the installation hardware necessary to do the job. The fastening systems we carry are the highest grade of materials, and will ensure a professional, long-lasting bird control solution. Custom attachments are available for special circumstances.

Completely humane

Mesh sizes are smaller than the bodies of the target species, eliminating the risk of bird entrapment.

No opening is too big to protect

Bird Barrier's StealthNet is the only net available in custom sizes. This means that large, odd shaped openings can be protected with one strong piece of netting.

Long-term solution

StealthNet carries an industry-leading warranty against ultraviolet breakdown.

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