Victoria’s leading ant control services

Did you know that ants actually come from a specialised bee and wasp family? Only a few of these species become pests in our homes, but they can be quite difficult to control. Statewide Pest Control can help eradicate all ant colonies from homes of Victoria and Riverina locals.

Ant management

Ants live in colonies of up to hundreds or thousands. This means that when there is one ant, we can guarantee there will be many more. These critters won’t stop at anything to find food whether it is other insects, oils, vegetables, sweets, or grease-based foods. Ant infestations can occur anywhere in the house, but are most commonly found in the kitchen.

Statewide Pest Control will help eliminate all black and coastal brown ants from your home. Our ant control team understands the behaviour of ants and can recommend the right course of action for treatments, making us one of the most effective ant controllers in the Victoria and the Riverina region.