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Victoria’s experts in pest inspections

Statewide Pest Control has spent many successful years providing pest inspections and management services to the domestic and commercial communities of Victoria and the Riverina region. We pride ourselves on our quality services, excellent customer relations, and ability to exceed our client’s every expectation.

Our technicians go to great lengths to protect you and your family, pets, homes and businesses by eradicating all those unwanted pest intruders. Furthermore, we are Food Safety HACCP Certified, and have environmental, OH&S and quality policies in place to ensure the very best service.


" Experienced in all aspects of pest control, Statewide Pest Control is a major player competing with multinational companies in the industry. "


Company history

Back in 1994, Kim Argaet, Rohan Rodaughan and Andrew Colley started the Statewide Pest Control business with hired equipment and a trailer. After a few years of being successful at pest control management, they moved in to their company premises at Shepparton in Northern Victoria in 1997.

In 2003, Statewide Pest Control expanded to the Riverina with two new offices in Griffith and Wagga. It was only 6 years later that Statewide Pest Control became a major player in the pest control industry, where we also celebrated our 15th anniversary.

2010 welcomed the PesTrak system which is uniquely designed for Statewide Pest Control. It has become the leading hand help technology system in the whole pest control industry. After 2 decades of successful trading, global consumer and commercial giant, Rollins Inc, took over ownership of the company.

Statewide Pest Control Timeline



Kim Argaet, Rohan Rodaughan and Andrew Colley begin Statewide Pest Control with hired equipment and a trailer.



Statewide Pest Control move into premesis at Grant Court, Shepparton.



Statewide expand into the riverina with offices in Griffith and Wagga.



Statewide Pest Control staff training day.



Now a major player in the pest control indurty, Statewide Pest Control celebrates it's 15th anniversary.



The PesTrak system is designed and developed for Statewide Pest Control and it becomes one of the leaders in hand-held technologies for the pest management industry, and is unique to the company.



The company moves from its location on Old Dookie Rd to its new, larger premises at 19 Telford Dve, Shepparton.



Statewide celebrates two decades in the industry, and looks forward to further expansion in the future, under the ownership of global consumer and commercial services company, Rollins Inc, as of May.


Kim Argaet

" Belief from the beginning "

To have one of the largest providers in the pest control industry in the world purchase a business you helped found would exceed most people’s expectations.

But Statewide’s Kim Argaet said he always knew the business had great potential.

“I had the belief we could succeed from the very beginning,” Mr Argaet said.

“You have to be confident, otherwise you could go backwards.”

With 25 years of experience, Mr Argaet oversees a variety of facets within the business, including commercial contracts, auditing, quotes and the development and continual innovation of Statewide’s web- based program, PesTrak.

He said the new owners, Rollins Inc, believed Statewide’s PesTrak program to be the best and most comprehensive bar code system in the world.

“I’m very proud of what we have created... (it’s) not bad for three pestys,” Mr Argaet said.

“In two decades we went from nothing, to now being purchased by the biggest pest control company in the world.

“Statewide is one of just two companies in Australia that Rollins Inc has acquired—that says something.”

However, Mr Argaet said initially it was difficult to release information about the company he helped build, to people he didn’t know.

“Once we had a couple of meetings and they came over from the United States to discuss the process, it became easier,” he said.

He said the fact Rollins Inc would not tear the company apart, but would only further develop Statewide, had sealed the deal.


Rohan Rodaughan

" Determination wins out "

Rohan Rodaughan said Statewide’s rapid growth in 20 years of business rested largely on the innovation and determination within the company.

He said the growing success could also be attributed to the integral pillars of business; to supply great-quality, up-to-date service to clients.

“We are adaptive to our customers’ needs; we listen, learn and come up with solutions,” he said.

Mr Rodaughan oversees the day-to-day operation of Statewide and looks after the pre-construction developments.

This primarily includes the HomeGuard termite management system, power pole maintenance and maintaining occupational health and safety documents and functionality of the business.

He said two decades of success in the industry was an accolade that Statewide achieved through hard work and persistence of the team to build a reputation for a reliable company that provided hard-to-match service.

“We work well as a team and that allows the company to grow and become more adaptable in the service industry that we cover,” Mr Rodaughan said.

His vision for the company was that it would continue to expand.

“(I hope that it) succeeds well into the future and the services that we can provide continue to grow,” he said.


Andrew Colley

" Expectations exceeded "

It takes one glimpse at Statewide Pest Control’s head office in Shepparton, complete with a giant red-back spider scaling the building, to know this is a company that means business.

Andrew Colley said in 1994, the idea to develop Statewide with his two colleagues was born from a vision to create better service. “We knew there was potential out there, so we thought: ‘Why work for another company?’” Mr Colley said.

“We wanted to improve what we offered and so we decided to start our own adventure, and basically grew the business from that decision.”

Reflecting on how the company had developed, Mr Colley said he was proud of what the team had achieved.

But even his expectations had been exceeded.

“The commercial industry that Statewide services has grown way beyond what I thought we would grow, we have really excelled in that area,” he said.

“We do a lot of specialised bird work and accreditation for bird netting and proofing.

“Birds can be a major pest and they can cause big problems for factories, if a food auditor was to go on to a site and to find bird droppings around a warehouse, that would be a big no-no, so we have to be vigilant on what we can do to stop birds.”

Mr Colley said Statewide’s audits aimed to make sites insect-free, so the procedures they came up with had to focus on that aspect as well.

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